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Drop-Off & Pickup
Pickup Procedures
  • You do not need to schedule a time for pickup.  


  • After the sale ends, we need time to separate and sort all the items in the sale before you arrive to pick up your items.  If you arrive before the designated pickup time for the current sale, you may have to wait until we are finished sorting.  This is to ensure that all items are returned to the appropriate consignor.  If we do not have enough volunteers to help with sorting, we will do a partial sort, and the consignor will be responsible for finding their items at pickup.


  • When you arrive to pick up your items, check in at the information desk first.  We will double-check your consignor details and obtain any information we need to finalize commission payments.  If we were able to get all items sorted, your items will be brought to you by a team member from the sales floor.   If we did  not have enough volunteers to do a complete sort, the consignor is responsible for finding their items on the sales floor.


  • If the consignor was responsible for finding their items on the sales floor, you will need to check out before you leave with your items.  A team member will be assigned to help you check through your items before you leave to make sure another consignor’s items are not mixed in with yours.


  • If you are not able to pick up your items after the sale, you may have someone else pick them up for you.  Simply let us know beforehand that someone else will be picking up your items for you.

  • If items are not picked up by the scheduled pickup time, they will become the property of The Consignment Connection. We will not be able to deliver your items to you or hold your items for you to pick up at a later date.

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Drop-Off Procedures


  • Consignors can schedule a drop-off time online through My Consignment Manager.  The schedule will be ready for you to select your drop-off time at least one month prior to the sale. Consignors will be notified when the schedules are open so you can make your appointment.


  • Please arrive at your scheduled drop-off time. If you have a change in your schedule, please contact Pam Martin at (615) 542-1669 via phone or text so we may accommodate you for drop-off.


  • Check in at the information desk before bringing any items into the building. At check-in, you will need to confirm your consignor information, sign your contracts, and hand in your self-addressed, stamped envelope for you to receive your commission check.


  • After check-in, you may start bringing in your items. When items are brought in, they will be checked by a team member. You will then be asked to help put your items on the sales floor. Once all your items are placed on the sales floor, you are free to leave.


Please do not be offended if we return any items to you.  Quality is our main concern, and it is our goal to maintain a high standard for our consignors and shoppers.  We do this to give you the best sale possible!


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