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General Consignor Guidelines
Crafters Exchange
Helpful Guidelines to Get You Started


  • We want to provide the best shopping experience for our shoppers and sell a high number of items for our consignors.  Please bring your best items to consign.  We reserve the right to pull unacceptable items from the sales floor during drop-off or at any time during the sale.

  • If you have any questions, email us at

  • We prefer that you bring your items to the sale in boxes that have flaps that close so that we are able to stack boxes.  We will use these boxes after the sale to sort consignors' items in for pickup.  We also use any extra boxes to pack the donated items in that go to our charity.  If you must use tubs to drop off your items, be sure that your consignor number is clearly marked on your tote(s).  We will use your totes to put your items in for pickup.

  • The consignor is responsible for ensuring their items are not on the Consumer Product Safety Commission recall list, which can be found at the following link –

  • Items should be clean, gently used, and in great condition.  All items must be in working condition, with all parts and pieces, including working batteries.

  • We cannot sell items that do not have tags.  Ensure your tags are secured properly.

  • To help the drop-off process go smoothly and quickly, separating your items into the different categories before dropping off will greatly reduce your wait time at drop-off.

  • Allow enough time at drop-off to put your items on the sales floor after they have been checked in.

  • Bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope with you to hand in at drop-off in you want to receive your commission by check.

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