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Preparing Sale Items
Crafters Exchange
How to Prepare Crafting Items
  1. Fabric – There are several ways you can tag fabric.  You may use safety pins to adhere the tags to fabric.  You may put fabric in Ziploc bags and tape or staple tags to the bag.  You may bundle fabric together with string, placing one string horizontal and one string vertical around the bundle and tying the string through the tag.

  2. Yarn - You can bundle yarn in large Ziploc bags to sell as bundles.  You can tag and sell one skein of yarn.  If tagging one skein of yarn, you should put it in a Ziplock bag and place the tag on the outside of the bag.  If the skein has the manufacturer's cardboard tubes around the yarn, do not tape the tag down to the cardboard tube.  The tag must be flat (cannot be taped down to a round item) in order for it to scan at checkout. 

  3. Scrapbooking Stamps – Rubber stamps can be bundled together in Ziploc bags.  Use packing tape or staples to adhere the tags to the bag.  Packing tape is best so that the tag doesn’t come off during shuffling of items at the sale.  If you are selling stamp sets that are in acrylic holders, place the stamps so that they can be seen through the holder.  Shoppers want to see if the stamps are new or used.

  4. Odd-Shaped Items – For items that are hard to adhere tags to, it is best to use string to tie the tag to the item.  Do not tape down a tag on a round item.  The scanner cannot read the barcode unless the tag is flat.

  5. Books – You must use painter’s tape to secure your tags on books unless they are in bags.  Any other type of tape will tear the cover of the book when it’s removed.

  6. Bags/Purses - All bags and purses must be on hangers.

  7. Patterns - It is illegal to sell copies of any kind of patterns, sewing, quilting, etc.  We will not accept copied patterns.

  8. Electronic Machines - If you are selling items such as sewing machines, embroidery machines, label makers, etc., do not put tape or saran wrap around the machine.  They must be accessible to be tested by the shopper.

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