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Consignor Information
  • How do I know what to price my items?
    You set your own price and tag your own items. The amount of money you can make is determined by the quantity and quality of your items, how competitively you price them, and if you can work with us during sale week. We suggest pricing your items 1/3 to 1/2 of retail. Remember that half-price day is on the last day of the sale. If you want to sell your items for half price, think about pricing your items for what you would like to get for them at half price.
  • Do I have to sell my items for half price?
    We have designated the last day of the sale for items to be sold for half price. When tagging your items, you have the choice to list your items half price or keep the full price. It's all up to you!
  • How much do I make as a Consignor?
    As a consignor, you will receive 70% of the selling price of all items sold with the Kids Clothing Exchange and Adult Clothing Exchange and 65% with the Crafters Exchange. You can earn extra commission by signing up to be one of our valued team members. See our team member benefits page pertaining to each sale for more details.
  • Will I need an appointment to drop off my items?
    Yes. You will schedule your drop-off appointment time through our online system.
  • Are there any fees to become a Consignor?
    There is a small consignor fee paid up front by all consignors to use the tagging software, assist with building rent, advertising, and other costs needed to run the sale. This fee is nonrefundable and cannot be transferred to a future sale. We have an early-bird registration fee and a late registration fee for all sales. The early-bird registration fee for the Kids Clothing Exchange and Adult Clothing Exchange is $15, and the late registration fee is $20. The early-bird registration fee for the Crafters Exchange is $20, and the late registration fee is $25.
  • What if I find an item missing?
    There are several reasons this can occur...tag fell off (make sure your tags are secure), never dropped off, misplaced in another consignor's items, accidentally placed with the donated items, or theft. There are thousands of items that come through our sales. We try our best to sort the items by consignor after the sale has concluded, but there are times that mistakes happen and items can get sorted incorrectly. We will make every effort to find any misplaced items, but we cannot be held responsible for items that are misplaced. While theft happens rarely, there is always that possibility. We do our best to keep our eyes open; however, we cannot be held responsible for items lost before, during, or after the sale.
  • Do I have to pick up my unsold items?
    If you have elected to donate your items to our charity, you do not need to pick up your items. If you would like your items returned to you, you will pick them up at the scheduled pickup time after the close of the sale. If items are not picked up, they will become the property of The Consignment Connection, and they may be donated to our selected charity.
  • When do I receive my check?
    Commission payments will be sent within two weeks after the close of the sale.
  • How will I know if my items have sold?
    Our online software allows you to track your sales each day. At the end of each day of the sale, we will update seller accounts with what has sold to date. Log into your account and click on "View Settlement Report " to see what has sold and how much money you've made so far.
  • If I have consigned in previous sales, will I need to retag items?
    We do allow the transfer of tags from other consignment sales, and you may transfer tags from any previous sales that are coordinated by The Consignment Connection. If you transfer tags from other consignment sales, you will need to reprint your tags if your consignor number from the previous sale is a different format than the consignor number that you registered with our sale. You will also need to reprint tags if you make any changes to transferred items, such as price and/or the discount and donate fields. You will need to print new tags in order for your tags to scan correctly at checkout.
  • Do you provide bags or carts for shoppers?
    We have a limited amount of large reusable bags and shopping baskets for shoppers to use. We are doing away with using plastic bags at checkout. It is recommended that you bring your own reusable bags or small rolling cart to use for shopping and to carry your items home in.
  • How often are these sales held?
    Currently, we hold one Crafters Exchange event in the spring each year, and two Kids Clothing Exchange events per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. We held our first Adult Clothing Exchange in August of 2023, and we have plans to hold more adult-only sales in the future. We have plans in the future to increase the number and types of sales that we offer. We would also like to do sales in more cities! If you would be interested in helping to coordinate and work a sale in your area, be sure to contact us.
  • Is there an admission fee during public shopping hours?
    Our sales are open to the public, but we have a different fee structure for each of our sales. For all of our sales, you may purchase a ticket to shop on presale night, before we open to the public. For our Kids Clothing Exchange and Adult Clothing Exchange, it is free to shop on our public shopping days. For our Crafters Exchange, we charge a small fee on our public shopping days. There is a $3 charge to shop one day, or you can purchase a $5 ticket to shop multiple days, which includes half-price day. It is free to shop on our Dollar Dash sale day.
  • What is a consignment sale?
    Our consignment sales are similar to craft or clothing resale stores, in that we sell items from Consignors for a percentage of their sales. You will shop in a fun retail environment, organized by craft or clothing type. This is a great way to find bargains on expensive craft or clothing items. Bring your friends and family and enjoy a day of shopping!
  • What payment types do you accept?
    We accept cash and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express). No checks are accepted. We do charge a 3% fee when using a credit card.
  • Consignor Agreement
    When you register online as a consignor, the agreement will pop up for you to agree to the terms in order to register. Here is a link to the agreement for your review. Please bring a signed copy with you at the time of your scheduled drop-off.
  • Consignor Registration
    To get started, click on this link to set up a seller account or log in. Follow the prompts and fill out the necessary fields to create your account. Once you have created an account, you simply sign in using the link above to manage your seller account, print tags, print reports, etc. For each new sale, you need to register as a consignor with our sale before the system will allow you to manage your tags. Always use our link to sign in; otherwise, you will be prompted for a print code when you are ready to print tags.
  • Tagging Guidelines
    For everyone 's convenience, please follow all of these tagging guidelines! They have been put in place to help with a faster checkout process for the customer. Visit our blog for more detailed tagging guidelines - ALL sections of the tag should be filled out. Use a good description of the item so that the tag could be matched back up to the item if they got separated. Place the tag where it's easily accessible at checkout. DO NOT put the tag inside plastic bags. Tags must be adhered to the outside of your item so it can be read by the barcode scanner. You must only use white cardstock paper (at least 60# or 67# cardstock.) No multicolor or patterned paper. The system will print 8 tags per page. Our preference is for you to use packing tape or staples to attach your tags to your items. If it is not feasible to attach the tag with packing tape or a stapler, you may use a safety pin, painter's tape, or masking tape. Use whatever method you think will work best to adhere well to your item. DO NOT COVER THE BARCODE WITH ANYTHING OTHER THAN PACKING TAPE OR SCOTCH TAPE. It is best to put small items in plastic bags with a closure, either a Ziploc bag or any plastic bag that can be stapled, taped, or tied securely. Attach the tags to plastic bags with packing tape or staples to the top of the bag. To sell multiple items together, put as much into one bag or box as you can and label the tag on the main bag or box and include in the description of the tag how many parts there are, for example, "part 1 of 3." You will only print one tag from the online system for these items so that there is only one barcode to scan at checkout. You will need to create manual index card tags for parts 2 of 3 and 3 of 3, in our example. The only information that is needed on the manual index card tags are your consignor number, the item description, and "part 2 of 3," "part 3 of 3," etc.
  • Drop-off / Pickup
    Drop-off Please allow 15-30 minutes for check-in, based upon the number of items you have. Quality is what makes Crafters delighted. Our goal is designing a high standard for you, our consignors and customers. Log into the system and schedule your drop-off time at least two weeks before the sale dates. To help the drop-off process go smoothly and quickly, please have your items sorted by craft type when you drop off your items. When you arrive to drop your items off, check in with us at the receiving table. Sign in and take care of all paperwork before bringing your items in. Once you have signed in, bring your items to the check-in area. There will be a dolly available, should you need one. We will check your items to be sure they are acceptable and tagged correctly before they are placed on the sales floor. Once your items have been accepted, take your items to the designated areas and put them on the appropriate tables or in the designated bins. Reasons your items may not be accepted into the sale: Item not in working order Item is dirty and not presentable to be displayed on the sales floor Item is not craft releated Pickup Consignors must pick up their items that did not sell, unless you have elected to donate your items to our charity. If you do not pick up your items during the designated pickup hours, we will assume you did not want your items returned, and they will become the property of Crafters' Exchange. Any furniture items that did not sell must be picked up. Furniture items will not be donated. After the sale has concluded, we need time to separate all the items by consignor before you arrive to pick them up. If you arrive before the designated pickup time, you may have to wait until we are finished sorting so that we can ensure all items are returned to the appropriate consignor. You may send someone else to pick up your items. Make sure they know your consignor number so they can find your items! When you arrive to pick up your items, come see us at the consignor checkout table first. We will double-check your consignor details and point you in the direction of where your items have been placed for pickup. Go to the sales floor and find your items. They will be arranged by consignor number. Check unclaimed tags and lost and found to see if anything belongs to you. Bring your items to the checkout table so we can double-check them and make sure no mistakes were made in sorting your items. You will then sign out, showing that you have taken your items home. REMINDER: Items left after the pickup time will become the property of Crafters' Exchange.
  • Tagging Instructions
    Tags MUST be made using the online tagging system. YOU MUST USE 60-67 lb. WHITE CARDSTOCK TO PRINT TAGS and WIRE HANGERS. Tags made on regular paper or dark card stock will not be accepted. Print with black ink only. Make sure you are not the reason to hold up the check out line because we have to hand key all your tags. Plastic hangers will NOT be accepted with the exception of clothing under 12 months. IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW TAGGING INSTRUCTIONS, A $25.00 FEE WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR SELLER PROCEEDS. Please read ALL the information below before creating tags. Important Info About Tagging Your Items Once you have printed & attached your tags, please do NOT change ANYTHING in the tagging program or on the actual tags such as price, description, size, discounted, donated, etc. The bar code will only give the info that was inputted into the computer at the time it was printed. If you need to make a change to an item, you must correct it in the online program AND print out a new tag and put it on the item. Throw out the old tag. Please make sure the tags are not smudged or splotchy. The scanner will not read them at checkout if they are not clean. Items must be priced in whole dollar increments. Nothing should be less than $1.00. Discounting- On the last day of the sale, items will be sold at 50% off. You can choose whether or not an individual item will be sold at 50% off when creating your tags. We highly recommend discounting your items at 50% off to have a better chance of them selling on the last day. Many shoppers come only on discount day to look for these items. Donating- You can choose to donate any items that do not sell by clicking on the donate option when tagging. You may choose to donate some items and not others. All items that are donated will first be offered in our Dollar Dash, a fundraiser for Gladeville Elementary School. Items remaining after the Dollar Dash go to local charities. It is suggested to tape over safety pins to minimize stolen items or tag swapping. If you choose to tape over a safety pin, please make sure it is clear packing tag and put it on as smoothly as possible. Do not place tape over the barcode. If you have a Mac computer, you may need to shrink your tags if there is a problem. Shrinking them to 95% should solve the problem. Please don’t shrink more than that as they will not scan. Tags should print 8 per page in landscape layout. Make tag descriptions as complete as possible. For example, instead of using “pink shirt” as a description, use something like “Pink Gymboree Cupcake Tank.” The better description enables us to locate your items easily in the system should the tag get lost. We cannot sell items whose tags have been lost unless we can locate the items in the computer. A better description ensures your items will always be able to be sold. General Tagging Instructions Clothing should be hung on WIRE HANGERS with the hook facing the LEFT. Plastic hangers are ok for baby items ONLY on items 12 months or younger. Secure the clothing with additional safety pins if needed. Two piece sets should be secured with safety pins to the hanger. Outfits sold in sets often sell better. When hanging sets, hang the shirt and then flip the hanger over hanging the pants the same way where both are visible for the buyer to check. If you item has matching accessories, please put them in ziplock bag and attach it to the hanging item. You will want to tape the bag to ensure pieces do not get lost. Pants and skirts should be pinned to the TOP part of the hanger by folding left and right side over the wire hanger and then sticking the pin through 4 points of entry. This prevents items from sliding to the bottom of hangers. Pants folded in half over the hanger will NOT be accepted. Infant onesies, gowns, sleep sacks and wearable blankets MUST be on hangers. We will not accept ANY clothing in ziploc bags except socks and bibs. Package multiple items being sold together in such a way that they will not be separated. For example, you may consider putting small pieces in ziploc bags with packing tape over the zipper. Puzzles & games can be wrapped in saran wrap so that buyers can see that all the pieces are there. Tie shoes together with ribbon or use zip ties (recommended). No grass, mud, minimal scuffing and wear. Baby and Kids Bedding should be packaged in the original plastics packaging or XL Ziploc bags. Please make sure bags are able to be opened by a worker to check for condition. You may put blankets, bibs, and hats in plastic bags so they will not get dirty. You may fold blankets using pins, string or a baggie to prevent from coming apart if needed. Secure tags to clothing with safety pins. Do NOT use straight pins. Items secured with straight pins will not be accepted. The safety pin needs to be pinned horizontally. Tags can be secured to other items by pins, packing tape, or ribbon. Make sure tags cannot be pulled off easily. However, do not tape items in a such a way that the item will be damaged once the tape is removed. Pricing Items As a Consignor, you set the price for your items. A good rule of thumb is to sell items at 50%-75% off the retail price. Items that are new or never used could sell at a higher price, but remember to think about how much you would pay for an item. We want you to be able to sell as much as possible, so price your items to move. We suggest selecting the discount option for ½ price day during the tagging process in order to maximize your selling. We know you put a lot of work into tagging and preparing your items and we want to send you home with a check instead of left over items that didn’t sell. Helpful Tips for Selling Your Items When preparing your clothes make sure they are washed and ironed with all buttons buttoned and zippers zipped. This will give your item a newer appearance and a better chance of selling. Matching sets sell better than individual pieces, so pair your items together. Price accordingly. Keep in mind that there will be similar if not identical items that you might be selling and you want to be comparable on your pricing so your item sells. When tagging your items, make sure to check them in natural light to see stains that might not show up otherwise.
  • VIP Tagging Service
    No time to tag? VIP tagging is a service we offer to consignors who do not wish to tag their own items. Our VIP taggers are available to do the hard part for you. Make consigning your items easy and hassle free by utilizing this profitable service. Begin by making an appointment to meet one of our VIP Taggers. Then simply give them a tub/totes of your stuff you’d like to consign and have tagged. Then wait to collect your earnings after the sale! Register to consign online and pay the registration fee plus a small supply fee to your VIP tagger. At the end, the tagger will receive 20% of your profits and you will receive 50%. PayPal your $15 Consignor Registration Fee via My Consignment Manager. Pay your VIP Supply fee based on how many totes is paid up-front via cash (supplies include card-stock, hangers, pins, tape, zip ties, ink, Ziplock bags, etc.) to your VIP tagger when you meet with your items. Minimum $10.00. Totes: 1-2=$15/3-4= $20/5-6=$25/7-8=$30/9-10=$35/increments of $5 apply for every two totes. Clothing supplied with wire hangers will receive a $5 discount. You are responsible for getting your items cleaned, matched, and put in size order in a secure closed container. Please do not put clothes in trash bags as it will wrinkle them, toys are okay. One trash bag = one tote. You will receive your tubs/totes back at pick up only if it is clearly marked with your consignor number on each one. Your tagger will meet you to get your items and then hang, price, tag, and deliver your stuff for you. Get to shop early as a consignor! It’s really as simple as that! You will also be responsible for picking up your unsold items at the end, or you can donate them. Receive your profits after the sale at your pick up time. Note: you will receive 50% commission on your sales as a VIP Consignor. If you’re too busy, but desire to a good reward by turning those outgrown items into cash, then this service is perfect for you! VIP items have a history of selling at a considerably higher sell rate than the average consignor. They really know how to sell your stuff at the best price! *Please note: The VIP tagging service will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Due to the high volume of requests we get for this service, once you are paired with a tagger- you will have 7 days to get your items to them. We want as many people as possible to able to take advantage of this great service and we can’t hold spots for an extended period of time. If your items are not ready when you sign up, please communicate how long before you items will be ready so we know where to place you on the list. There is limited availability for this service, so don’t hesitate, contact us today. Please e-mail us at Give us your name, your e-mail, and your phone number. Put in the message that you are requesting VIP service, rather or not if you are new or returning consignor. If you are a returning consignor, give us your consignor number. Your VIP tagger will contact you within 24 hours.
  • Consignor Registration
    To get started, click on this link to set up a seller account or log in. Follow the prompts and fill out the necessary fields to create your account. Once you have created an account, you simply sign in using the link above to manage your seller account, print tags, print reports, etc. For each new sale, you need to register as a consignor with our sale before the system will allow you to manage your tags. Always use our link to sign in; otherwise, you will be prompted for a print code when you are ready to print tags.
  • Items NOT Accepted
    NO Clothes with stains, holes, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers NO Clothing with strong odors including cigarette smoke, pets, moldy basement, etc. NO Clothing that has a 3 letter monogram (1 letter and names ok) NO Out of date clothing NO Out of season clothing- Fall/Winter- No bathing suits, sandals, or summer material clothing (School uniform guidelines are an exception); Spring/Summer- No sweaters, coats, or heavy materials like corduroy and including fleece. (Fleece footed pajamas for 0-24 month accepted year round.) NO Car seats that are expired or dirty. None allowed past expiration date or 5 years over manufacture date or car seats that have been in a wreck (You will be required to sign a car seat waiver) NO bottle nipples, pacifiers, used thermometer of any kind, or breast pump tubing NO drop side or altered cribs of any kind. Must assemble at drop off. NO House hold furniture NO Stuffed Animals unless recognized character or electronic NO purses or bags that are not a recognized brand name or like new condition. (We do not accept items that are given out free including gym bags, drawstring backpacks, or make up bags.) NO Grab bags with used items. Party favor with new and identical items in each bag are accepted. NO T-shirts (unless they are brand name or team logos) We are NOT accepting adult books or the Dolly Parton Imagination books due to they are not big sellers since most children receive these books for free. We will gladly donate children books for you. NO Music CDs or VHS tapes NO new or used office or school supplies NO Items with broken or missing pieces NO Adult Bedding or Mattresses NO Undergarments unless new with tags or in packages, nursing tanks accepted. NO Guns or Weapons NO Kitchen dishes or appliances NO yard items including tillers, lawn mowers, etc. Any items that have been recalled. Consumer Products CPSC — PLEASE ONLY BRING YOUR BEST ITEMS SO WE CAN ATTRACT LOTS OF SHOPPERS. WE WANT TO CONTINUE TO OFFER HIGH QUALITY ITEMS. PLEASE CONSIDER UPSCALE, NOT YARD SALE, WHEN TAGGING YOUR ITEMS. CONSIDER DONATING YOUR OLDER AND/OR REJECTED ITEMS FOR OUR DOLLAR DASH BENEFITING GLADEVILLE YOUTH. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY ITEM WE FEEL DOES NOT MEET THE STANDARD OF OUR SALE. IF WE MISS SOMETHING DURING CHECK-IN, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE ITEM(S) FROM THE SALE FLOOR AT ANY TIME DURING THE SALE, ESPECIALLY TOYS THAT DO NOT WORK AND OUT DATED ITEMS INCLUDING HOME DECOR AND SEASONAL ITEMS.
  • Transfer Instructions
    We get asked this question a lot….Do you accept items from another sale that uses My Consignment Manager tags? Good news!! You can transfer your leftover items from sale to sale! Yes, but they must be transferred! Use the direct link for MCM using your same user ID and password to transfer your tags at and click the sellers login link. You MUST login to the direct page to access all the sales you’ve signed up for, make sure there is no forward slash at the end of (Your computer might be remembering another page). When you register for another sale, your consignor number MUST match the one on your tags exactly. If the next sale you register with auto assigns your consignor ID number, send them a request to change your consignor ID number. Click on tab for Manage Inventory. Another set of tabs will appear. Click on tab for Transfer items. You will populate TWO drop down arrows. First drop down: Between the two sets of tabs you will see: Choose a Consignment to Work On This will give you every sale that you’ve been registered for that uses MCM. Select the prior sale that your tags are in. Second drop down: Select a Target Consignment Choose The current sale you are now registered for. Click the box to show 100 entries per page and check the box for select all. Then click the 3) Transfer Selected Item(s) to Target Consignment Now. You will have to do this per page. Next go to the login page for that sale, log in and confirm your items were transferred. Your items will now be apart of that sale until you transfer them out. Plus you can begin to enter more items!!! Make sure to only select NOT GENERATED if you are going to print more tags!
  • Accepted Items
    Click here to view a detailed list of accepted items.
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