T.A.G.S.    Program
Let us do the Work for You!


T.A.G.S. (Tagging Assistance Guaranteed Service)

Want to consign, but don’t have the time? Let our team do the work for you!


T.A.G.S. is a program that we offer to consignors who do not have the time to tag their own items for an upcoming sale.  Make consigning your items easy and hassle-free by utilizing this service.  It’s a great opportunity to clean out your closets and still be able to earn some extra spending money and let someone else do all the work for you.


We are looking for consignors to bring your best items to sell, with a mixture of boutique- and regular-brand clothing, outdoor and indoor toys, shoes that are in excellent to new condition, baby gear, and more!


Once you have all your items ready for your TAGS team member to pick up, you will submit an online form to request the service.  Do not wait until the last minute to prepare your items and request the service.  This service is in high demand, and we may not have a T.A.G.S. team member available to assist you if you wait close to sale time to request a tagger.  After submitting your online form, you will be contacted by a TAGS team member within 2-3 days to pick up your items.  If we are not able to pair you with a T.A.G.S. team member within 2-3 days, we will contact you and let you know that you are on the waiting list.  Consignors requesting this service will be paired with a TAGS team member on a first-come, first-served basis.  You will not be paired with a T.A.G.S. team member until you are registered with the current sale and your items are ready for pickup.  


Because we receive a high volume of requests for this service, please make note of the cutoff dates listed on our sale schedule to request a tagger for the current sale.


Requirements of using our T.A.G.S. program:

  • The consignor must be registered with the current sale before they are paired with a T.A.G.S. team member.

  • Items must be ready to secure a pickup time when the online form is submitted to use the service.  The T.A.G.S. team member will then contact the consignor to arrange a pickup time, and the Consignor and T.A.G.S. Agreements will be emailed to you.

  • Once the consignor is paired with a tagger, you must email a signed copy of the Consignor and T.A.G.S. Agreements to info@theconsignmentconnection.com before the tagger picks up your items.

  • Items must be cleaned, in working condition, and neatly in totes. 

  • Batteries must be included with battery-operated items.

  • The consignor will pay a fee to the T.A.G.S. team member in cash at pickup to cover supply costs (cardstock, ink, pins, tape, hangers, zip-ties, baggies).  See our fee schedule.  If you have enough supplies for all of your items to give to your tagger, you will receive a $5 discount off your fee. 

  • If a consignor has more items than our limit allows, the consignor may pay an extra consignor fee to raise their item count. Your T.A.G.S. team member will notify the sale owner so you can send payment to increase your item limit.

  • If the consignor has elected not to donate their unsold items to our selected charity, the consignor is responsible for picking up their items at the scheduled pickup time after the close of the sale.


T.A.G.S. Program Fees.png

Perks of using our T.A.G.S. program:

  • Once your items are picked up, your T.A.G.S. team member will enter your items in the system. Once they are entered, the consignor will be given the opportunity to review the prices and other information on their tags and make any changes before the tags are printed and placed securely on your items. Once the tags are printed, no changes can be made to your tags.

  • Your T.A.G.S. team member will size and separate your items, store them until drop-off, transport your items to the sale, and place your items on the sales floor for you.

  • The consignor will receive 50% commission of your sold items, the tagger receives 20%, and The Consignment Connection receives 30%.

  • Consignors using the T.A.G.S. program receive the perks of shopping early at the consignor pre-sale times stated on our website for the current sale schedule.


Completed Agreements can be emailed to info@theconsignmentconnection.com